We’re digital health specialists, creating life-changing solutions

ISO 13485:2016 certified developer of SaMD and GxP Solutions

Rethinking Healthcare

We pave the way for digital transformation by working with industry leaders as a partner, vendor or in joint venture.

Better Treatment, Better Outcome

We develop digital health therapies that enable caregivers to deliver personalised medicine and empower patients to take control over their disease.

Regulatory Innovation

We have the capabilities, processes and know-how in place to develop, operate and maintain regulated digital health therapies.

Outstanding User Experiences

We bring world-class user experiences to the healthcare industry, with a human-centered design approach, to drive change beyond the pill.

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Code to Save Lives

We’re passionate about using our software development expertise to improve healthcare and save lives.

Successful digital interventions can bring care to more patients and with higher outcomes. Where others see limits in regulations, we see the opportunity to create qualified solutions that create real results for real people.

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Patients can get guidance for adhering to their treatments, be better educated, and overall live better lives with their conditions.

Medical professionals become equipped to handle complex diseases, supported in their decision-making, and empowered to provide better care in general.

Life science companies can create unqiue products by combining conventional and digital therapies, in turn, reaching real-world outcomes that would require decades of research.

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Digital Health Experts

We're a broad group of people from multiple disciplines – all sharing a passion for making a difference for people living with disease.

Our team includes software engineers, product designers, regulatory experts, strategic consultants, and medical professionals, who bridge all the knowledge and skills necessary to create novel solutions.

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Cem Oznec, Corporate Vice President, Novo Nordisk, Region AAMEO

“Through our close collaboration with Trifork (now Dawn Health) in the last few years, we have been able to launch a number of very innovative digital health solutions, which are already today changing the lives of many patients with diabetes and rare endocrine diseases in Region AAMEO. I am very excited about the future of our strategic alliance and to give birth to many more innovations that will bring world-class user experiences to the patients and physicians – driving change beyond the pill.

—Cem Ozenc, CVP, Novo Nordisk, Region AAMEO

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