Growth Hormone Deficiency

A tool for parents and caregivers to track their child’s growth

Building awareness around growth hormone deficiency

An intuitive app to help parents and carers measure and track their children’s growth over time.


Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) is a rare medical condition caused by a lack of growth hormone, mostly affecting children. Height is an important indication of a child’s development, but it can rarely be measured enough to reveal any underlying issues.


To ensure the app best supported parents and caregivers, we worked with our client to build a simple, intuitive tool tht they could easily use in their day-to-day life at home. To best monitor changes, the app had to fit seamlessly into life.


By utilizing the smartphone camera and image recognition software, Growth Journey supports parents in helping to track a child’s measurements and growth over time. This can help to indicate for Growth Hormone Deficiency at an early stage.

Growth Journey empowers and supports parents with an easy-to-use tool to monitor their child’s growth, as well as giving peace of mind with the help of early detection.


A rare condition with underlying issues that can be challenging to detect.

GHD is a condition caused by a lack of growth hormones, and a key challenge that Growth Journey was built to address is increasing awareness of the condition within households. Since GHD can result in healthy recoveries when detected early, a tool such as this for parents and carers to easily use, in the comfort of their own home, makes both education and the likelihood of detecting an underlying issue higher. With a general lack of awareness and understanding about the condition, there’s also the need for a tool that helps to shed light on GHD by guiding and educating parents and caregivers.


An app to measure growth, detect any possible deviations and educate.

An intuitive app designed to act as a diary log for a child’s growth, Growth Journey uses an in-app camera feature with image recognition software to quickly measure their child’s height with increased frequency and accuracy. By measuring, tracking, and recording their measurements in the child’s growth book, a caregiver can detect growth increments and deviations. If measurements differ from standard country-specific growth charts, the caregiver is alerted to contact a doctor. If a child is diagnosed with GHD, then Growth Journey can also support during the child’s treatment. By entering the medication, dose and frequency of dosing into the app, Growth Journey sends reminder notifications. Parents and caregivers can also use the app to keep track of the child’s injections as well as receive insights body part injection tracking, helping to remind them to not inject the child in the same part of the body continuously. Growth Journey helps to spread awareness about GHD and helps to educate caregivers and children about the condition. The app is for screening and educational purposes and not intended for diagnostic purposes, however it is a useful tool that serves to guide, manage, and lead users towards a diagnosis as early as possible. The app helps them to provide their doctor with information about their child that can help them to prescribe the correct treatment promptly.

Key features


The app features image recognition software to help caregivers accurately and easily measure the height of a child using their smartphone.

Growth book

A caregiver can monitor and document their child’s growth through regular measurement entries in the growth book. If measurements deviate from the norm of the country they are in, the parent is alerted to contact a doctor.

Growth chart

Based on the measurement entries in the growth book, a digital growth chart is created that can be shared with their medical professional.

Treatment plan & reminders

The app provides treatment plans and reminders to help take ownership of the condition and support the caregiver and child in the treatment process of the condition.

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