About us

We Code to Save Lives

We're global leaders in digital health, creating regulated solutions driven by our passion to change people's lives. Danish born and internationally driven, our teams of experts deliver products of the highest calibre to market.

Teams of experts, all in-house

Here at Dawn Health, we're a collective of digital health specialists, developing life-changing products for those living with chronic diseases. We develop products all-in-house, making us the perfect collaborative partner. With our approach, every product we develop has it all: beautiful, unique, safe and always patient-outcome driven.

Danish founded, internationally driven

At Dawn Health, we celebrate our differences, working collaboratively to build life changing products everyday. Introducing some of our team, in their own words!

The power of our strategic partnerships

At Dawn Health, we partner with leading industry players. With Microsoft, we've established a validated cloud infrastructure, with Apple, we take innovation to the next level and with Trifork we accelerate the journey from idea to tangible reality. Through a close strategic partnership with Prevas and TPU, we have formed the Nordic MedTech Alliance (NMA), a one-stop-shop for regulated IoMD products in the life science industry.
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Green Code Movement

Environmental challenges have never been more critical or more urgent than today. Growing consumption, industrialization, and urbanization threaten not only the sustainability of the environment we live in, but also the health of people around the world.


At Dawn Health, we take our responsibility to reduce and offset our emissions seriously and with Green Code Movement we'll fulfill our commitment of having zero environmental impact - now and for the future.

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Meet our management team

We are a group of people with extensive skills across technology, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, product strategy, design, and business development. Together we bring an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion to drive a better tomorrow in healthcare.

Daniel Gewecke Daugaard

Founder & CEO

Kristoffer Madsen


Alexander Mandix Hansen


Marcelo Duhalde


Søren Pedersen

VP, Product Strategy & Design

Søren Thorup

VP, Delivery

Holti Kellezi

VP, Business Development & Digital Therapeutics

Christian Gøtstad Sørensen

VP, Platform & Data

Per Ejlstrup Sigvardsen

Director - Research & Medical Affairs

Ole Bjørn Kolbæk

General Manager - Gulf Cooperation Council

Mia Andersen

Head of QA/RA and Clinical

Kamilla Juel Vagtborg

Head of Operations

Meet our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategic direction, investment strategy, supervision of the performance of the company, strategy implementation and the work of Executive Management in Dawn Health. The Board comprises of four members, with Lars Marcher as Chair of the Board.

Lars Marcher

Chair of the Board

John Rubek Lauritsen

Board member

Mads Lacoppidan

Board member

Jørn Larsen

Board member

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