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At-home male fertility test with a personalized lifestyle intervention program


According to the World Health Organization, 15 % of reproductive-aged couples worldwide are affected by infertility. Although male infertility is the cause in roughly half of the cases, there is generally very little focus on improving men’s sperm quality and overall reproductive health.


ExSeed Health provides personalized assessment based on men’s health data concerning diet, lifestyle patterns, and semen quality, all available from the comfort and privacy of the home. The ExSeed journey starts with a short questionnaire that helps determine the sperm's health status. This translates into a personalized 90-day program with tailored nutritional recommendations, exercise plans, follow-up telemedicine coaching, tailored food supplements, and continuous semen testing – all aimed at improving sperm quality and fertility in general.

Business value

Through individual assessment, ExSeed can accurately test semen quality and offer personalized lifestyle and diet interventions, exercise plans, and supplements actively aimed at improving men’s fertility.

User value

The ExSeed device and lifestyle intervention program works directly from the comfort of the home and allows men to gain unprecedented reproductive health insights.

Health profile

The first step is to fill out a questionnaire (personal measurements, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, rituals, mental and medical health). A man can then use this information to evaluate their lifestyle.

Personal fertility report

Based on the information provided, an overview of your lifestyle is created. As well as a report where you will find recommendations on how to improve sperm quality and fertility in general. 

At-home testing

The ExSeed device and lifestyle intervention program works directly from the comfort of the home and allows men to test a sperm sample and review and track the quality. 

Lifestyle program 

Personal guidance and concrete fertility improvement plans for you to follow designed by fertility experts including diet plans and exercise recommendations. The ExSeed lifestyle coaches will help you through online 1:1 sessions throughout your journey.  

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