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ExSeed Health is a platform for men to accurately test and actively improve their semen quality.

1 in 6 couples experience infertility. 40% of the problem is associated with male factors. In the western world, the semen quality has dropped by 50% in the last 40 years (1973-2011)1 . Yet almost all focus, products, and services are aimed at women.

The ExSeed device and lifestyle intervention program works directly from the comfort of the home and allows men to gain unprecedented reproductive health insights.

The Male Infertility Crisis

One in twenty young men now have sperm counts that are low enough to make it difficult to have children, according to Professor Christopher Barratt, an expert on reproductive medicine at the University of Dundee in Scotland.

Sperm count varies enormously, from zero sperm per milliliter (spm) of semen to 250 million or more. Above 40 million spm there is little gain in fertility but, below that figure, the fertility graph plummets. According to the World Health Organization, a count of less than 15 million spm, is defined as what is called oligozoospermia – which means that the man is likely to have difficulties in conceiving, and that struggle steeply increases as the count moves towards zero.

Improved Male Fertility Through Personalized Guidance

The journey of ExSeed Health started three years ago as an incubation program between Trifork, Dawn and the founders. Today the technology is a CE certified In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (class IIb), that has launched in the UK and Denmark.

The start-up package delivers a personalized assessment based on men’s health data concerning diet, lifestyle patterns, and semen quality – all from the comfort of the home. This translates into a 90-day program with deeply tailored nutritional recommendations, an exercise plan, follow-up telemedicine coaching, specially tailored food supplements, and continuous semen testing – all with the aim of improving overall fertility.

How Does ExSeed Health Work?

Fill In a Lifestyle Questionnaire

The first step is to fill out a questionnaire (personal measurements, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, rituals, mental and medical health). This is all information used for evaluating your lifestyle.

Receive Your Personal Fertility Report

Based on the information that you have provided, an overview of your lifestyle is created. As well as a report where you will find our recommendations on how to improve sperm quality and fertility in general.

Start at Healthier Life With a Personalized Plan

Personal guidance and concrete fertility improving plans for you to follow designed by male fertility experts. The ExSeed lifestyle coaches will help you through online 1:1 sessions throughout your journey.

Improving Sperm With Machine Learning and AI

ExSeed Health continuously gather video data on Sperm Parameters, Anthropometrics and Sperm Outcome after the intervention. With state-of-the-art artificial neural networks, the company suggests an optimal personalized lifestyle intervention.

Developed in Collaboration with Fertility Experts

A clinical study to evaluate the precision and reliability of ExSeed Health is in execution in close collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the renowned Eugin Clinic in Barcelona.




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