Growth Journey

Growth Journey raises awareness and helps to diagnose children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

With a simple app, parents can measure their children's growth over time, using their phone's camera. While for diagnosed children injection reminders helps better adhering to treatments.

We partnered with a global pharmaceutical company in taking the project from concept creation, to launch in three markets.

GHD is a rare medical condition caused by a lack of growth hormone, which is most noticeably presented in short height, and can affect both children and adults. It is usually diagnosed through monitoring body measurements such as one’s height and weight, together with assessing the growth hormone levels in the body.

Together with our client, we identified four major challenges surrounding GHD. From these we defined our goals for the project:

  1. 1Accelerating the Path to Diagnosis

    GHD is difficult to diagnose due to low reliance on the tools for diagnosing it.

  2. 2Raising Awareness

    Due to social stigma and lack of awareness about the disease, diagnosing GHD is often delayed.

  3. 3Connecting Patients With Clinics

    Because of a lack of awareness, children with GHD often don’t get referred to a specialist.

  4. 4Making Adherence Easier

    Patients often struggle to adhere to their treatment due to inconvenient daily injections.

Key Features of the App

Digital Growth Chart

Based on the measurement entries in the Growth Book, a digital growth chart is created that can be shared with the medical professionals for better diagnosis and monitoring of treatment.

Growth Book

The parent is able to monitor and document her child’s growth through regular measurement entries in the child’s Growth Book. If measurements deviate from the norm, the parent is alerted to contact a doctor.

Treatment Plan

The app helps parents better adhere to their child’s treatment through daily injection reminders and a calendar overview of the treatment.

Easy Growth Measuring

The app enables parents to easily measure their kids by just using their phone camera.

Growing Together

The branding and general concept of the app has its basis in the idea of parental love and nurture. As well as focusing on healthy growth, rather than the disease itself. This idea is symbolized in the logo we created – a plant caring for a seedling.

Powered by Machine Learning

Using state of the art computer vision techniques based on deep learning, combined with knowledge about perspective distortion in mobile cameras and anthropometric studies, we made it possible to accurately calculate the height of a child using only the camera of a phone; no measuring tape required.

Planning for Success

To ensure success post-launch, our marketing and regulatory teams supported the client in the development and execution of a user acquisition strategy for social media. This included the development of creative content and navigation of legal and regulatory requirements to identify the right channels for promotional activities.


Growth Hormone Deficiency


  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia


Growth Hormone Deficiency


  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia


  • Design Sprint Workshop
  • iOS
  • Machine Learning
  • UX/UI Design
  • Android
  • Back-End

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