A digital ecosystem helping to manage life with schizophrenia

Enabling users to feel more in control and connected

A concept patient companion app designed to support people living with schizophrenia of any kind.


People with schizophrenia can feel isolated and unsupported and they lack access and knowledge for where to go to receive care and treatment. HCPs may also lack visibility about their patient’s treatment and journey and how the disease is progressing.


To combat the challenges for patients, HCPs and caregivers, the Neuroni solution needed to offer a digital tool for each of these groups to connect the patient’s support network. We worked with our client to design the concept, the UI & UX and strategy.


Neuroni was conceptualized for people’s daily life with schizophrenia. Tracking behaviors and attitudes, setting goals, lowering barriers in accessing care and connecting them to providers and caregivers to accompany their treatment journey.

With a purpose to drive retention and improve the wellbeing of those affected by schizophrenia, the Neuroni design process was centred around connection.


There can be a sense of isolation in daily life for people with schizophrenia.

People with schizophrenia can feel lonely and unsupported and that they lack access and knowledge for where to go to receive care. Providers may lack visibility about their patient’s journey with schizophrenia, while caregivers can feel they are sparingly and inconsistently involved with the daily life of who they are supporting.


Connecting patients with their care team was at the heart of concept design.

When approaching the design of the Neuroni solution, we made sure the system was focused on helping to strengthen the relationships between patients, caregivers, providers and case managers, to provide more transparency, ease of mind, and better coordination through digitalization.


A solution designed to connect, motivate and support the patient’s daily life.

The Neuroni ecosystem solution was designed to connect people with schizophrenia to their caregiver, case manager and provider, through two connected apps and an overview dashboard. It features a patient app where people with schizophrenia can log consultation appointments, passively track and self-report behaviors and attitudes, generate social goals and connect. A second app specifically designed for caregivers helps them stay close to the patient to support their relationship and avoid alienation. The last piece of this solution package is a dashboard for case managers and providers to access and review collected information to help graduate their patient’s treatment journey.

Key features

The patient app

The patient app helps to track multiple behavioral parameters to provide quantifiable measures of how the patient is doing. Some features include passive information logging, motivating towards daily goals, a self-reporting journal, instant messaging, clinic locations, reminders and a book-a-ride feature.

The caregiver app

The Caregiver App is devoted to strengthening the relationship and support system between caregivers and patients. The caregiver is notified when the patient reports negative trends in behavior or is inactive. The caregiver can stay in touch with direct messaging and also help in motivating the patient through goals that are tailored to the specific patient situation.

Integrated electronic health record system

Healthcare professionals and case managers would be able to access reported information in a dashboard. Providers would be able to use this to better guide the treatment journey based on the stability of their reported data.

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