Type 2 Diabetes

Decision support for healthcare professionals treating T2D

Using clinical guidelines to support HCPs

A simple decision support service that used the latest guidelines to provide suggestions for personalized treatment options.


For HCPs treating type 2 diabetes, staying up to date with the latest guidelines can be a challenging task. A tool to help the latest local guidelines be part of the consultation would offer the HCP support to provide a personalized approach for each patient.


We worked with healthcare professionals to create a tool that would address these challenges. Collaborating to understand the parameters needed to input into the solution, we approached the process in order to support HCPs in their decision making.


With Diabetes Journey the clinician is supported in navigating the objective guidelines of treating type 2 diabetes. Inputting individual patient parameters, the application delivers suggestions based off the latest guidelines.

An intuitive decision support tool for assisting healthcare professionals with type 2 diabetes treatment.


Supporting healthcare professionals with possible treatment options.

Diabetes Journey uses the latest guidelines to provide treatment suggestions for each patient based on the parameters inputted by the healthcare professional. This allows the healthcare professional to take into consideration the patients current situation, any comorbidities, as well as be informed of potential cautions or contraindications. The treatment options can be for initiating, continuing or discontinuing existing treatment, depending on the inputted information. An application that can support the HCP in their decision making, Diabetes Journey can be used to support a more personal approach to consultations. Diabetes Journey was launched as a Non-SAMD product in Iran, Bangladesh and Vietnam. It is now a legacy product and discontinued for use and a Diabetes Journey SaMD application is set for release in 2024.

Key features

Input patient information

Individual patient parameters are inputted into Diabetes Journey to support the HCP in determining the most appropriate treatment. Giving an overview of the patient’s current health status, the parameters include blood glucose measurements, kidney function, comorbidities, current treatment, drug intolerance and blood glucose value.

Address any cautions or contraindications

When the patient’s information is inputted into the system, Diabetes Journey is able to identify potential cautions or contraindications that the HCP should be aware of. They can then use this information to help them decide what to do next.

Receive information on possible treatment

Once Diabetes Journey has received all information required, it will provide the healthcare professional with a suggestion of which treatment may be suitable for the patient. Being up to date with the latest, often lengthy, guidelines, Diabetes Journey can help HCPs in their consultations.

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